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Foundation Piecing with Curves

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A Tutorial by Lynne, with advice from Nora

Please direct any questions to the list or email Lynne.

I recently bought a craft wood Photo Album cover, and thought it would look nice with a CQ cover on the front. I decided that I wanted to move away from the standard, straight lined seams I have doing with my crazy quilting, and try add curves etc.

There was only one problem....I had no idea how to do this.

After asking on the list for suggestions, Nora Creeach kindly offered to help, and sent me a few line drawings.  These were wonderful, but not exactly what I wanted, so I sent a picture of my wood cover to her.

Image1.jpg (34847 bytes)

Nora suggested that I draw the outline on paper, omitting the heart entirely, then draw my lines and curves etc and see how I liked it.  She also offered to help with numbering, if I had trouble working out how to put it together. Apparently it is easier to work the block as a whole, then work around the heart or shape as you embellish.

I, of course wanted to be difficult, and wanted my center fabric over the heart. I drew a couple of drawings, and sent them to Nora for her input.  One I had managed to number in the order of piecing, but the other was more difficult, and I did like the curves etc in the more difficult one.

Image2.jpg (28512 bytes)                    Image1a.jpg (27313 bytes)

Nora graciously numbered my block, and sent instructions on piecing it together.  I have asked Nora for permission to share these instructions with you all, and she has graciously agreed....Thank you Nora.

You can find Nora's instructions for piecing the block here

I was still stuck as to how to get my pattern from my paper, onto my muslin, and then there was the cutting of the fabrics to fit into these odd shapes.  Another email to Nora, who patiently put up with my bombardment of questions, and I was on my way to getting my block done.

I have compiled my questions, along with the answers, and you can view them here.

naked.jpg (188523 bytes)

This is the finished block, ready for embellishing.

That's it...Pretty easy huh?

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Last edited: 12/28/2003