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Piecing Instructions

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These are the actual piecing instructions complete with numbering for this project.  Special thanks to Nora Creeach for her permission to share this here on SafeHaven.

Click on photo to enlarge.

The piece over the heart will be #1.

Turn under a narrow hem on the entire curve of piece # 2  and appliqué it only where it touches #1 You will get the rest of the curve later but it is easier to finger press it under for the entire curve at one time. A pin will hold it in place until you are ready for it.

Piece #3 covers #1 & #2 right sides together, stitch and flip #3 open and finger press the straight line.

#4 turn under the entire curve and appliqué in place over #3 & #1

Place #5 right sides together over #1 stitch only where it touches #1 flip and finger press the seam

Place #6 & # 7 right sides together stitch and flip,  finger press seam. Turn under curve of #6 and entire side of#7 then appliqué in place covering #4 and #5.

# 8 is right sides together over #4 & #6 stitch flip and finger press # 9 & 10 are placed right sides together, stitch and flip then finger press seam. Turn under the edge of # 9 that meets #1 and appliqué in place. Tuck the curve of #9 under #2 and appliqué

# 11 is the last piece turn under both curves where it meets # 9 and #1 appliqué in place. Tuck the remaining edge under #5 and appliqué the right angle of #5 from where it covers #1, over to the edge on #11

This will have all your pieces stitched down Do a running stitch around the entire outside edge to anchor everything and the have fun with the embellishing. Only cut out the heart after you have finished everything.  Clip the curves often for a smooth fit and cover any clips that show in the heart opening with trim.

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