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Lynne's Little Stocking

Please direct any questions to the list or email Lynne.

Here is a little Christmas stocking I have just finished drawing up for your pleasure.  I plan on making a set of 2 for each of my children to hang on the tree.

You can decorate these anyway you like, or even CQ them. Below are the instructions for how I will be making mine.

To make 1 stocking, cut 2 shapes out of felt.  Draw an appealing cuff shape and cut 1 from contrast felt, or add a fur top.  If making a felt shape for the cuff, pin on one shape and blanket stitch in place using perle 5 cotton (I use #928). Decorate your stocking if desired.

Place the 2 shapes together and blanket stitch around the entire edge.  If you blanket stitch the tops separate, you can place small treats or gifts inside.

Add jingle bells if desired, and crochet or braid a length of perle 5
thread to join the 2 stockings together or make a loop if only making one.

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy project...something for the kids maybe, to keep them busy!

Lynne in AU

(Click on image to view/print full size pattern)

2001 - 2003
Last edited: 12/28/2003