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Mae's Beaded Ornament Cover

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This set of instructions is presented here with the author's explicit written consent.  

Horizontal Weave Ornament Cover

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This is to cover a basic round 2.5 inch ornament

Row 1

Pick up 4 main color (mc) beads and 1 accent color bead (ac). This will be referred to as a set. Pick up 8 more sets for a total of 9 sets. Leaving an 8 inch tail, take needle BACK through all the beads. Be careful that your needle does not split the thread. When needle is though all the beads again, tighten up the thread and tie the 8 inch tail and the working thread in a square knot. This is the completion of row one and the top of your ornament cover. 

Row 2

Ascertain that your thread is to the left of an accent bead. We will be working right to left....clockwise.

Pick up 5 mc beads, 1 ac, 5 mc beads. This is a set for row 2. Weave your thread through the accent bead on row one which is to the left of the thread ,,,, you are skipping the 4 mc beads.

Pick up 5 mc beads, 1 ac, 5 mc beads and weave your bead through the next accent bead on row one. Repeat to complete the row. You will have made 9 sets.

Row 3

Weave your thread through the 5 mc beads on row 2 and the first ac bead on row 2. You are now ready to start row 3. 

Pick up 6 mc beads, 1 ac, 6 mc beads. This is a set for row 3. Weave your thread through the accent bead on row two which is to the left of the thread (the accent bead which is the point of the v). Continue to complete the row.

Rows 4 Through 8

Follow the directions for row three, with the exception that you add one mc bead on each side of the ac bead with each row.

Row 4 - 7mc beads

Row 5 - 8mc beads

Row 6 - 9mc beads

Row 7 - 10mc beads

Row 8 - 11mc beads

Suggested Fringe:

String 15 mc beads 

2 short bugle beads

5 mc beads

1 medium size ac bead

5 mc beads

2 mc beads

1 teardrop bead (ac)

2 mc beads

skip the 2 mc beads, 1 teardrop bead, and 2 mc beads and take needle back up through 5 mc beads, 1 med. size ac bead, 5 mc beads, 2 short bugle beads, 15 mc beads - then back through the ac bead of the final row and on through the mc beads and 1 ac bead to start the next fringe. Repeat until each ac bead on the final row has a fringe hanging from it.

Mae's Horizontal Weave Ornament Cover was developed and written by P. Mae Vernon, all rights reserved.

2001 - 2003
Last edited: 12/28/2003