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Embellishment of a CQ Block

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Note:  Crazy Mary is not only an active list member, she is quite an accomplished crazy quilter.  She has graciously agreed to document the construction and embellishment of a CQ piece, so that we can see the the process and the progress of the block.

Any questions or comments should be addressed directly to Crazy Mary.

This block is made from materials available through the Embellishment Club at RibbonSmyth for the month of June.  For more information on the club and the kits, click here.  Vickie Brown, the owner of RibbonSmyth and the author of several books on silk ribbon embroidery is both a vendor and a member of the SafeHaven list.

Picture 1:

Embellishing has began on the block.  Some trims have been added to seams, lace & seed beads around the picture print.

Picture 2:

Vintage flower beads held down by red seed beads have been added to the red, white and blue trim.

Picture 3:

Red, white and blue seed beads have been strung from one star button to the other.

Picture 4:

This seem was stitched with red thread using the fly stitch.  This seam matches the seams on the baseballs.

Picture 5:

Lace was stitched down with a basting stitch around the picture print. Then red ric-rac trim was stitched down with seed beads over the lace.

Picture 6:

Sunflowers are being stitched along a seam.  Start out doing a ribbon stitch. I drew a small circle for the center and stitched out from it.

Picture 7:

Brown buttonhole twist thread was used for colonial knots for the centers of the sunflowers.  Lazy daisies made with silk ribbon for leaves. Spider & web has been added. 

Picture 8:

Gold metallic ribbon thread was used to make french knots on the blue trim.

Picture 9:

Spider roses stitched with blue and ivory silk ribbon.  Lazy daisy stitch for the leaves. Some red seed beads added here and there.

Picture 10:

2002 stitched with small straight stitched using gold metallic ribbon thread.

Picture 11:

Red, White and blue ribbon with star beads attached.

Picture 12:

Picnic basket is stitched with silk ribbon.  Stitch a row of straight stitches the length of the basket.  Then start on one end, either at the top or the bottom of the basket and make long straight stitches again only weaving the ribbon over and under, over and under until you reach the other side.  Next row will also be weaved only do the opposite as the last stitch. 

Example: If the ribbon was weaved under on the row you just stitched, then go over the ribbon and then under, over and under etc.  Do this until basket is complete.  A straight stitch was done to make the basket handle.  Basket is outlined with yellow silk button hole twist. 

Picture 13:

Some charms, a crochet motif and ceramic button have been added.  The embellishing is complete!

2001 - 2003
Last edited: 12/28/2003