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Jan Ede: 5-Point Ribbon Flower

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This was part of a recent discussion on the SRESafeHaven mailing list at Yahoo Groups.  It has been reprinted her with Jan's explicit consent.   Click on any photo to see a larger version.

I've made these up before so I decided to do a quick instruction for you.

Using 1/4 inch satin ribbon (poly, acetate, etc)  cut a piece about 3/4 inch long and mitre as shown in pictures, then fold back that mitre along the dotted angle line, till it lays beneath the front section.  Finger press the little double mitred top edge.

Now seal the cut edges together using a lighter/candle flame.  That's why I'm using poly ribbon, just hold those cute edges close to the flame, not into it, about a 1/4 inch away or a wee bit less and they will melt gently and seal the edges so they won't fray.  If you use silk or rayon you could dab some 'fray check' onto the cut edges and let dry.

Then string/gather 5 petals onto needle, pull up thread tight and finish off.  Add a bead for the centre while you've still got thread attached to flower or when you sew to project.  I make a whole bunch of these up at a time and then glue them onto projects.

Click on photo to enlarge.


If you have any questions or comments, you can email Jan Ede directly.

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