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Jan Ede: Bias Ribbon Carnation

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This was part of a recent discussion on the SRESafeHaven mailing list at Yahoo Groups.  It has been reprinted here with Jan's explicit consent.   Click on any photo to see a larger version.

Shay, I only dyed one sleeve from this blouse with the potassium permanganate, and cut into bias strips with the rotary cutter. It was so easy too. I wanted golden coloured carnations.  [See Jan's article on dying for more information and photos of the blouse mentioned.]

I Cut the bias strips 5/8" wide.

You need about a 20" strip to make a flower.  My strips weren't that long so I just added another piece after I did the first running stitch.

First you need to fray one edge of the ribbon, with thumb and forefinger run along one edge, it will fray in one direction better than the other and one side might fray better than the other.

Then run a long basting stitch along other edge, pull up and tie a double knot. Voila a carnation. You can add a couple extra stitches with needle for security if you like.

What I liked about this large print when dyed was the nice variegation in colours.

If you have any questions or comments, you can email Jan Ede directly.

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