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This set of instructions is presented here with the author's explicit written consent.  

Lynne's Gathered Flower Instructions

I have developed a new technique to make gathered flowers. I hope you find these easy to make.

For each flower, you will need 2 pieces of ribbon. The following will give you a guide.

If using: Then use:
7 mm ribbon 4" length
13 mm ribbon 6" length

⅝ ribbon

8" length
1" ribbon 10" length

Start by gathering along one long edge of one piece of ribbon, you will need to fold the ends in about ⅛. When you have gathered along the entire edge, pull the ribbon in tight, backstitch around the last stitch, then take your needle through the beginning knot. Make a couple of over stitches, and finish off.

Repeat with the second piece of ribbon.

You will have 2 small circles of gathered ribbon

(see diagram)

Take your needle and thread (knot the end), and go up through your fabric where the center of the flower would be. Pull the thread all the way through.

Now place your needle through the center hole of one of your ribbon circles, pull through so that it sits flush with the fabric, then do the same with the second ribbon circle, so that it sits on top of the first.

Now you need to stitch it down securely. I do this by making 4 small stab stitches through the ribbon. You need to make sure that you at least catch the top circle of ribbon, or else it will fall apart.

Once you have made these 4 stitches, you need to bring your needle and thread back to the top, through the middle of the flower, but a little to one side. Take a small pearl bead or seed bead, and take your needle down again on the opposite side.

Pull tight. If using a pearl bead, finish off on the reverse side now. If using a seed bead, you may like to add a couple more beads before finishing off.

    The finished flower.




Lynne's Gathered Flower was developed and written by BeadJunkie, all rights reserved.

These instructions were obtained from  Please visit our website at for further information and additional educational materials.

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Last edited: 12/28/2003