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Marie: Bits and Pieces of Ribbon

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This was part of a recent discussion on the SRESafeHaven mailing list at Yahoo Groups.  It has been reprinted her with Marie's explicit consent.   Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Betty Pillsbury came up with an ingenious use for these ribbon bits...and I've made many of these....they are perfect for cards!

The idea she shared was for a topiary mark a small circle on your fabric...then with a needle and a running stitch along the edge of the ribbon bit...and tack it down....filling the entire circle this way! The bits can be less than an inch long and still be used for this!

Attaching a pic of one card done this.....which received Honorable Mention in a Topiary Contest that Betty held.

BPTop.jpg (24216 bytes)

So....if you have been pitching those's the perfect reason to start saving them...and if you have been saving them...good for you!

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