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Marie: Bullion Stitch Instructions

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This was part of a recent discussion on the SRESafeHaven mailing list at Yahoo Groups.  It has been reprinted her with Marie's explicit consent.   Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Hi All, I see many of you have been practising and successful in making bullions....and for those who are still needing help, here is a series of pics and printed directions to help you along. 

1) Bring thread up at A. Insert needle at B and come out at A. Push needle through fabric leaving only the eye exposed at B. 

BK1.jpg (53942 bytes)
Click to enlarge photo

2) Wrap the thread forward over the needle, then behind it (1 wrap). Repeat until the length of the wrapped section on the needle matches the distance between A & B. Push the wraps down to the base of the needle at A, pulling the end of the wrapping thread to tighten the wraps. 

BK2.jpg (39064 bytes)
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3) Hold the wraps of the bullion between thumb (on top) and forefinger (below) and pull the needle & thread through the wraps and away from you. 

BK3.jpg (34924 bytes)
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4) Once all of the thread has been pulled through, begin to bring the thread back toward you, holding your thumbnail at the top of the wraps and pushing them down the running thread. 

BK4.jpg (30606 bytes)
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5) When the running thread is completely through, the bullion will lie as pictured. Give one sharp tug on the running thread to "set" the stitch, then take the needle through the fabric at B and pull the thread through to the back. To make a curved bullion stitch, shorten the distance between A & B. The same number of wraps on a shorter running thread cause the bullion to bow outward. 

BK5.jpg (14154 bytes)
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Hope this helps...and yes may add this to the site info for future reference! 

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