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Rose in a Heart Sun Catcher, from Ila Press

rosenhearsuncatcher.jpg (26531 bytes)

This first sample was stitched on Cotton Voile using DMC Perle Cotton is Size 12. 

I started with the inner most rose petals and used color 223.  Each individual section is done as a separate element.  

Next I worked the outer rose petals in color 224.  The interior petal lines were backstitched first, then the entire design was worked as a single element.

Next I did the stem and the sepals, in color 642.  

Then I backstitched the lines in both leaves, and began working one leaf from the outside tip and worked through to the widest point, took my thread across the stem, and started the second leaf from the widest point to where they converged.  

There are a lot of ways to do the heart design, but I wanted to emphasize the rose, so I back stitched all of the crisscrossed lines first, then treated the whole heart as one element doing a very long double back stitch from side to side, starting at the bottom point, under the stem.  I stopped near the top of the heart and worked the upper most portion of each side of the heart separately, ending each with a line of back stitches when the line evened out.  I did the whole background in white (B5200) to add a little traditional touch to the design.

This is definitely not the only way to do this design, but it was the first way I did it and I was very pleased with the results, even if the stitching was almost impossible to scan!  

Ila Press's "Rose in a Heart Sun Catcher" stained glass pattern interpreted for use as with shadow work.

Express written permission to use the pattern was obtained from the owner.

2001 - 2003
Last edited: 12/28/2003