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Resource Guide for Trapunto

Complied by Rissa Peace, June 2002, all rights reserved. 

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Trapunto as "Quilting in which the design is outlined with two or more rows of running stitches and then padded from the underside to achieve a raised effect."   The word is derived from an Italian word meaning to embroider and a Latin word meaning to prick.  Many quilters simply refer to it as "stuffed work" or stuffed quilting.  When the fabric used is sheer enough that the underlying thread, wool, yarn or other stuffing shows through, this is sometimes referred to as "Shadow Trapunto." 

On-line Resources:

Trapunto articles and information:
bullet16th Century Embellishments, 21st Century Strategies for Achieving a Sixteenth Century Look
bulletCameoRoze's Trapunto Information
bulletIllinois State Museum Society Trapunto
bulletHGTV Stippling and Trapunto
bulletHGTV Hari Walner on Trapunto
bulletGlobal Echo, Inc. Trapunto Technique
bulletSCA Trapunto Embroidery Trapunto: Raising the Standard
bulletSew-what' Trapunto
bulletSew-what' Shadow Trapunto Trapunto History

Free Trapunto patterns and designs:

bulletCreative Sewing Trapunto Project
bulletCV Key Trapunto Designs (several nice designs)
bulletErica's Easy Trapunto
bulletGet Creative Trapunto Turtle by Machine 

Trapunto eye candy and retail kits:

bulletA Quilter is Born
bulletBerlin Embroidery Designs Shadow Trapunto Appliqué (at the bottom of the page)
bulletJane's Trapunto Quilt
bulletMartine House "Alive"
bulletMartine House "Do Not Disturb My Garden Fairies"
bulletRich's Quilts
bulletSylvia's Studio Framed
bulletTrapunto Magic (Not to be missed!)
bulletTrapunto Paws
bulletWedding Quilts Trapunto in All White

Print Resources:

Trapunto information in books and leaflets:

bulletReader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework.  Reader's Digest.  Hardcover.  504 pages.  ISBN: 0-89577-059-8.
bulletBarber, Barbara.  Broderie Perse: The Elegant Quilt (Love to Quilt).  American Quilter's Society.  Paperback.  64 pages.  ISBN: 0891458751
bulletJo Ippolito, Christensen.  Trapunto: Decorative Quilting.  Sterling.  Hardcover.  ISBN: 0806952245
bulletMorgan, Mary.  Trapunto and Other Forms of Raised Quilting. Scribner.  Softcover.  ISBN: 0684169428
bulletRodger, Sue. Trapunto Handbook of Stuffed Quilts.  Leaman.  Softcover. ISBN: 0943721075
bulletShackelford, Anita.  Surface Textures.  American Quilters Society.  Hardcover.  136 pages.  ISBN: 0891458905
bulletWalner, Hari.  Exploring Machine Trapunto : New Dimensions.  C & T Pub.  Paperback. 112 pages. ISBN: 1571200436
bulletWalner, Hari.  Trapunto by Machine.  C & T Pub.  Paperback. 96 pages. ISBN: 1571200061

Trapunto specific projects and articles in magazines:

bulletEmbroidery and Cross Stitch. Express Publications Limited. Australia.
bulletVolume 1, Number 2. "Damask Cushion" pp. 66
bulletVolume 3, Number 6. "Threads of the Past: Trapunto" pp.  18 and "Edwardian Cottage" pp 22.
bulletVolume 6, Number 4. "Tantalizing Trapunto Cushion" pp. 68
bulletInspirations.  Country Bumpkin Publications. Australia.
bulletIssue 7.  "Airs and Graces" pp. 18

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Last edited: 12/28/2003