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The SRE Safe Haven Mailing list is a moderated email list for the purpose of discussing all forms of embroidery and quilting with an emphasis on silk ribbon, crazy quilting and embellishment.  It is a relaxed environment designed to help build camaraderie among our members.  Spamming and flaming will NOT be tolerated.  Potentially inflammatory religious and political posts are discouraged, this list is about bringing people together, not tearing them apart.  People who abuse the list will be banned.  

You must be a member of the list in order to read and post messages, or access the group files and photos.  There are folders on the Yahoo Groups site for photos of your work, trade information, sale information, stitch instructions, links to internet resources and much more.  All members are encouraged to take advantage of the resources available on our group site on Yahoo.  

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Last edited: 12/28/2003