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According to the daughter of one list member, she learned in the Brownies that SWAP is an acronym for "Share With A Pal."  Swaps are an excellent opportunity to expand your skills and build friendships.  There are two major types of swaps: swaps for raw materials and swaps for finished items.  

Packages of materials and goods are often referred to as *squishies* or *baggies* because of the nature of the plastic bags sealed inside of mailing envelopes.  Most of these swaps have particular themes and they aid in building an eclectic stash of supplies for future projects.  A host will typically collect all of the baggies for the swap, then redistribute them among the participants.  It is a way to share your special finds and to see what is available in other towns and countries.  This type of swaps lends itself well to Crazy Quilting, because variety is the very nature of this gentle art.  

Swaps for finished items have a very different nature.  A theme or item is decided upon, then a hostess randomly assigns swap partners from those who have elected to join.  Instead of all of the items being mailed to the hostess for redistribution, the completed item is sent directly to the assigned recipient.  There is much more room for personalization in this process.  It usually generates an interesting variety of work and styles and can give you the opportunity to expand your skills.  Some swaps are for a specific item, such as a needle book, and the style and embellishment are left open to the individual participants.  

Any list member can propose a swap to the group or offer to host a swap at any time.  Just submit your ideas to the list to see if there is enough interest.  


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Last edited: 12/28/2003