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Lynne's Fancy Needlebook Swap

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A Big/Fancy Needle Book Swap

Hosted by  Lynne.  Please email Lynne for more details or to sign up for the swap.

This is a finished item swap for a large or fancy needle book. 


This should be a large or fancy needle book, with dimensions greater than 5 x 5.  

Any materials, styles or techniques can be used, so long as this is either a large or fancy needle book.   Although silk ribbon and CQ are the main focus of this group, the needle book need not employ either method.  

Participants may want to contact their partner regarding likes and dislikes concerning materials, theme or type of needle book.  Since this is planned as part of a series of swaps, make sure that you ask your partner about color and style, since the items will all be used together!

Who can participate: 

This swap is open to all SRESafeHaven list members in good standing.  International swappers are VERY welcome here! Contact me by email to sign up or if you have further questions.  Let me know if you are willing to swap internationally, because International swappers are always WELCOMED!!!

How to join:

Simply send an email to Lynne at the address above no later than October 14, 2002.  Make sure you let her know if you are willing to swap internationally and if you would like more than one partner.  Also, let her know if you are willing to substitute in case someone drops out.

Partner assignments:  

Partners will be randomly assigned on October 15, 2002. You will be contacted by email with the name and email address of your partner for this swap.  The names will also be listed here as a reference.  You will be expected to contact your partner regarding snail mail addresses and preferences.  

Deadline for completion:

The finished needle book should be in the mail by December 15, 2002, giving you eight weeks to complete the project and still be eligible for the prize drawing.  Arrangements can always be made with your partner if you are going to be late completing the swap, we all understand that things come up and we get over committed.  There is no shame in missing a deadline!

Drop-out Policy:

There is a "no questions asked" drop out policy.  Just let Lynne know if you cannot complete the assignment once made.  

Incentives for timely completion:

LaJuana Peterson has graciously donated a $20 gift certificate redeemable through her website.  Check out the great selection of ribbon, beads, buttons and CQ supplies on her website:

All participants who complete and mail their finished item on time will be eligible to win this random drawing.  

Web resources and ideas for this swap:

bulletLa Chatelaine Designs Needle Case Construction
bulletCaron-Net Delicate Essentials Part I Needlecase
bulletCaron-Net Florentine Needle Case
bulletCrazy Quilted Needlecase Project Class 101
bulletCreative Needle On-line An Eye For Detail
bulletDesigns of Joy Hardanger Needle Case
bulletHoo-Ah Designs Hardanger Needlecase
bulletRissa's Needle Book (holds six packets of needles in a fabric *book*)
bulletSREDeluxe Needlebooks (eye candy)
bulletVictorian Needle Case (eye candy)

Commercially available patterns in print:

There are several commercially available kits and patterns that would be perfect for this swap.  

bulletQuilting Arts Magazine, Premier Issue, CQ Needlebook
bulletIssue 8 Needle Case
bulletIssue 20 "Pins & Needle" Wool Embroidered Needle Case
bulletIssue 23 "The Creative Needle" Needle Case
bulletIssue 26 "Nimble Fingers" Needle Case
bulletIssue 29 "The Beehive" Needle Case
bulletIssue 31 "Golden Threads" Needle Book
bulletMcCall's Needlework
bulletDecember 1994.  Ribbon Embroidered Needlecase by Linda Stirratt.  Photo: p 18. Instructions: p 69.
bulletEmbroidery and Cross Stitch Inspirational Embroidery "A Leura Garden Needle Case". 
bulletEmbroidery and Cross Stitch Embroidered Heirlooms Needle Book 
bulletDriskell Linda.  Victorian Elegance: Heirloom Pulled Thread Sewing Accessories.  Book 21.
bulletDriskell Linda.  Victorian Floral Heart: Sewing Accessories and Alphabet.  Book 37.
bulletDriskell Linda.  Victorian Hardanger Sewing Accessories: A Basic Hardanger Course.  Book 25.
bulletZeiman, Nancy.  Sewing with Nancy: Silk Ribbon Gift Gallery.  


If your name does not appear here and you have signed up, or if it is here by mistake, please send me an email so that I can correct the list!

Sending Swap Partner: Receiving Swap Partner: Thumbnail of project:
LaJuana in TX Pauline in ID  
Elizabeth in TX Lita in OR  
Lita in OR Linda in MS  
Pauline in ID LaJuana in TX  
Genia in CO (I) JoAnn in TX  
Linda in MS Janel in CA  
Janel in CA Genia in CO  
Aniza in Malaysia Elizabeth in TX  
Joann in TX Aniza in Malaysia  

(I) - will exchange internationally


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