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Shirley K and Lynne's Half Doll Swap

Hosted by Lynne & Shirley K: or

Finished Item:

This is a special swap put together by Lynne and Shirley K of Shirley K Dolls in AU

Who can participate: 

Lynne posted a notice to the SafeHaven list and the first twenty or so respondents were selected to participate.  It was closed at that point. 

Swap Partners:

This will be a secret partner swap.  Shirley will include the name and address of the person with the doll when she ships it to you.  You can show photos of your doll in progress, but you can not reveal who your doll is for until if has been delivered and received by that person. 

Expected Arrival Date for the Dolls:

All of the dolls were posted from Australia by February 6, 2003.  Please let either Lynne or Shirley know when you get yours!


Finished item should take you about six weeks to complete, so the due date for these babies is March 21, 2003.  Some of the dolls were late arriving in the US for one reason or another and a few of the swappers have had their individual deadlines extended without penalty.

Incentives for timely completion:

Shirley K has made yet another generous offer!  One lucky lady will win Davina pictured below.  The winner will be chosen at random from among those who not only complete their project on time, but get it to their partner successfully.  

If your name does not appear below and you have signed up for this swap, or if there is some mistake, please send Lynne an email so that the list can be corrected.

Sending Swap Partner: Receiving Swap Partner: 
Dolls Name Thumbnail photo of completed project 
Lynne in AU Jan E in BC Ursula

Shirley K in AU      
Diane T Sandra Norma
Judy R JoAnn Deborah

Nora C Gwen Ruby

Maggie Patty  

Delivered Incomplete - No Photo

Rissa Shay Faith

Patty M Rita Jean

Juls Nora Daphne

Tracey Marilyn Sonja

Crazy Mary Lynette in AU Rebecca

Rita Renee  

Linda Betsy Louise

Jan Tracey Marilyn

Judith in AU Linda S Hannah

Kathleen   Camilla

Marilyn Barbara in Tx Iris

Gwen Judith in AU Chloe

JoAnn   Sadly JoAnn passed away during the course of this swap.  She will be greatly missed.
Lynette in AU Judy R Vivienne

Barbara in TX Kathleen in AZ Frances

Renee Juls Jane

For information about ordering Davina or any of the half dolls seen here check out Shirley's new web site.


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Last edited: 12/28/2003