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A Valentine Swap!roseheart2.jpg (49186 bytes)

Who can participate: 

This swap is open to all SRESafeHaven list members.  International swappers are VERY welcome here!

Sign up:

Swappers can sign up through January 14, 2002.  I should be able to accommodate sign ups after that date, so let me know if you are interested and feel that you can complete an item before the due date.  


Items should be received by February 14, 2002, which is recognized as Valentine's Day.  

Incentives for timely completion:

A super squishy from your hostess, including silk ribbon and fabric! 

All participants who complete and mail their finished item on time will be eligible to win this random drawing.  

Finished Item:

This will be a swap for a small finished item of your choice, utilizing the theme of hearts and roses for Valentine's Day. Finished items such as Valentine cards, mason jar lids, brooches, small framed items, a small pillow, a small pincushion, a small needle book, small chatelaine or even a tussy mussy would be appropriate.  You may want to contact your assigned partner once they have been assigned to see if they have a preference.  This gives you a lot of room to improvise and means that the project will not be overwhelming.  The item should be embellished in any manner you choose, whether it be silk ribbon, embroidery, beading, polymer clay or any other method, so long as you are true to the theme of hearts and roses.

Swap Partners:

On January 14, 2002, swap partners will be randomly assigned in pairs.  That means that you will be sending something to and receiving something from the same person.  If there are late entries or if there needs to be an additional person, I will fill in for the extra person or ask for volunteers.  You may elect to swap with more than one person.  

Additional Details:

Anyone can drop out at any time prior to receiving an item with no questions asked. If someone needs to drop out after he/she has already gotten an item, then I will deal with that on a case by case basis. As hostess, I will make sure that ALL participants who send an item, get an item, even if it comes from me.  

Please let me know if you are willing to swap internationally or would be willing to take on new partners if someone should drop out after assignments have been made.  This would not be an *angel* item, since you will get the item intended for the person who was unable to complete the swap for whatever reason.

Web resources and ideas for this swap:

Several stitches and a free pattern for a pin puff can be found on Marie Alton's web site. Of specific interest for this project are:

bulletGriffin Rosebud
bulletMelanie Rose Stitch
bulletMarie Alton's Pin Puff (free pattern)

Heirloom Embroidery has instructions for Bullion roses and rosebuds:

bulletBullion Rose
bulletBullion Rosebud

The following project from Craft at home could be embellished to match the theme for this swap:

bulletPotpourri Cone 
bulletBookmark of Love
bulletVery Victorian Valentine Cards
bulletVictorian Juice Lid Ornaments
bulletFloral Impressions
bulletRose Greeting Card
bulletWhite Rose Candle Holder
bulletButton Pin

Linda Lower's Redwork Rose Patterns

Ribbon Embroidery Heart Pin or Button Cover (be warned, this is a great little pattern, but the site is FULL of pop-up ads!)

This stained glass design could be used effectively in a variety of embroidery techniques.  

bulletRose in a Heart Sun Catcher (see photo below)
bulletLover's Valentine Rose (already color coded)

rosenhearsuncatcher.jpg (26531 bytes) Please note: Ila Press provided written permission to use this pattern on this website to illustrate shadow work technique using stained glass patterns.  Click below for more information! 

Ila Press's Rose in a Heart Sun Cather, interpreted for shadow work designs.

Vikki Clayton is offering Shadow Work *kits* for those of you who are interested in trying this without a huge investment.  Basically, she is giving away the organza when you buy the silk thread from her!  Check out her offer in the for sale folder on the yahoo group files (you will have to log in to access the file), or email Vikki directly for details.  

Sending Swap Partner:  Receiving Swap Partner:  Photo of completed project (click on the photo to see a larger image)
Rissa in MS Shay in TX rissa4shay.jpg (52559 bytes)
Rissa in MS Karen in AU* rissa4karen.jpg (39323 bytes)
Linda in CA Kathleen in IL linda4kathleen.jpg (47128 bytes)
Shay in TX Rissa in MS shay4rissa.jpg (92108 bytes)
Shay in TX Nancy in WV Sent and Received, no photo available yet
Kathleen in IL Linda in CA kathleen4linda.jpg (130044 bytes)
Janis in CA Sherry in GA janis4sherry.jpg (127428 bytes)
Amy in CA Jean in TX amy4jean.jpg (151363 bytes)amy4jeanback.jpg (151414 bytes)
Nancy in WV Shay in TX
Kimber in NJ Cass in MS kimber4cass.jpg (8139 bytes)
Jean in TX Amy in CA jean4amy.jpg (32990 bytes)jean4amycu.jpg (60306 bytes)
Cass in MS Kimber in NJ cass4kimber.jpg (13414 bytes)
Lynne in AU Kylie in AU lynne4kylie.jpg (42263 bytes)
Lynne in AU Karen in WA lynne4karen.jpg (40167 bytes)
Priscilla in OR Nora priscilla4nora.jpg (56350 bytes)
Nancy in CA Caroline in Maine nancy4caroline.jpg (83022 bytes)
Karen in AU*  Rissa in MS  Never Received
Crystal in AU Sandra in CA Crystal4Sandra.jpg (41899 bytes)
Kylie in AU Lynne in AU kylie2lynne.jpg (25536 bytes)
Sherry in GA (aka Grits) Janis in CA sherry4janis.jpg (50741 bytes)
Nora  Priscilla in OR nora4priscilla.jpg (59208 bytes)nora4priscillarev.jpg (50082 bytes)
Belinda in AU JoAnn in TX belinda4joanne.jpg (302429 bytes)
Sandra in CA Crystal in AU sandra4crystal.jpg (133662 bytes)sandra4crystal2.jpg (100157 bytes)
JoAnn in TX Belinda in AU joann4belinda.jpg (41127 bytes)joann4belinda2.jpg (39430 bytes)
Karen in WA Lynne in AU karen4Lynne.JPG (26295 bytes)karen4Lynnerev.JPG (25345 bytes)
Caroline in Maine Nancy in CA caroline4nancy.jpg (361532 bytes)


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