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Each swap will have different guidelines, themes and deadlines. Please contact the individual host/hostess for more information.

If you are interested in hosting a swap, please contact the list regarding your idea to see if there is sufficient interest, then contact me regarding getting the guidelines posted.

Current Swaps:

Finished Item Swaps:

bulletRibbon/Thread Case (TBA)
bulletThimble Holder

Fabric, Fiber and Embellishment Swaps:

Archived Swaps:

Finished Item Swaps:

bullet Sewing Tidy/Basket/Caddy
bullet Small SRE Purse Swap (Ended 6/9/03)
bullet Shirley K and Lynne's Half Doll Swap (Ended 3/21/03)
bullet Holder/Cover for Tape Measure/Ruler (Ended 1/10/03) 
bullet Lynne's Christmas Stocking Swap (Ended 12/6/02)
bullet Big/Fancy Needle Case (Ended 12/15/02)
bullet Scissors Fob (Ended 10/31/02) 
bullet Working Pincushion (Ended 9/30/02)
bullet Small Scissors Sheath (Ended 8/31/02)
bullet Full Size Scissors Sheath (Ended 6/30/02)
bullet Secret Partner Fancy Pin Cushion Swap (Ended 5/24/02)
bullet Little Needle Book Swap (Ended 4/30/02) 
bullet Every Bunny is Welcome (Ended 4/15/02)
bullet Hearts and Roses Valentine Swap (Ended 2/14/02)

Fabric, Fiber and Embellishment Swaps:

bulletHand-dyed Lace Swap (2003)
bullet Hand-dyed Ribbon Swap (2002)
bullet Patriotic Fancy Fabric Swap (2002)
bullet Angel/Cupid Swap (2002)

2001 - 2003
Last edited: 12/28/2003