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Ornament Swap 2002

This is a finished item swap for completed ornaments.

Hosted by:

Who can participate: 

This swap is open to all SRESafeHaven list members in good standing.  International swappers are VERY welcome here! Contact me by email to sign up or if you have further questions.  Let me know if you are willing to swap internationally, because International swappers are always WELCOMED!!!

How to join:

Simply send an email to Janet at the address above no later than October 14, 2002.  Make sure you let her know if you are willing to swap internationally and if you would like more than one partner.  Also, let Janet know if you are willing to substitute in case someone drops out.

Partner assignments:  

Partners will be randomly assigned on October 15, 2002. You will be contacted by email with the name and email address of your partner for this swap.  The names will also be listed here as a reference.  You will be expected to contact your partner regarding snail mail addresses and preferences.  

Deadline for completion:

The finished pincushion should be in the mail by December 01, 2002.  

Drop-out Policy:

There is a "no questions asked" drop out policy.  Just let Janet know if you cannot complete the assignment once made.  

Incentives for timely completion:

All participants who complete and mail their finished item on time will be eligible to win this random drawing.  

If your name does not appear here and you have signed up, or if it is here by mistake, please send me an email so that I can correct the list!

Sending Swap Partner: Receiving Swap Partner: Thumbnail of project:

(I) - will exchange internationally

* - willing to substitute

** - late addition to swap


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