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BeadJunkie's Secret Partner Fancy Pincushion SwapBeaded_Boot.jpg (51397 bytes)

I am hosting a fancy/unique pincushion swap, with a twist.  No one except for the hostess will know who their partner is until the item comes in the mail, which I hope will prove to be a lot of fun for all involved.  

The beaded boot pictured above to the right was made by a friend and fellow bead enthusiast named Marlene, who gave her kind permission for it to be shown here.  Click on it for a better look!

Directly below are some photos of the boot pincushion I recently made:

front_brown.JPG (10734 bytes)    side_brown.JPG (13704 bytes)    close_up_detail.JPG (15452 bytes)

Who can participate: 

This swap is open to all SRESafeHaven list members in good standing.  International swappers are definitely welcome here! Contact me by email to sign up or if you have further questions.  Let me know if you are willing to swap internationally.

Sign up:

Swappers can sign up through April 05, 2002.  To sign up for this swap, email me with your name, preferred email address and snail mail address.  


Items should be mailed by May 24, 2002.  

Incentives for timely completion:

A brand new copy of Flora Botanica by Deborah Brunner for YLI.  (Furnished by Rissa Peace. )

All participants who complete and mail their finished item on time will be eligible to win this random drawing.  

Finished Item:

This will be a swap for a fancy or unique pincushion.  Since I could not think of how to qualify *fancy/unique* to make sure everyone gets something of equal value and splendor, I decided to set a monetary benchmark.  Expect to spend approximately $25 or more on materials and several hours of work time for this swap.  Since this is quite an investment in time and materials, don't sign up for this one unless you are sure you can complete your end of the swap.  

Swap Partners:

Each participant will send their name, preferred email and snail mail address to the hostess.  Only the hostess will know who has whom until the swap items are received and the secret is revealed!  You may want to do something special and *secret* for a particular person on the list. I will try to accommodate all special requests.  Such special requests will be filled on a first come first serve basis and are dependent upon how many people join the swap and how many partners they request.  The more people who join, the more fun this will be!  Swap partners will be assigned on 4/15/02.  The people who have asked for a particular partner will get first preference, then the rest will be randomly assigned.  Just remember this is secret on the receiving end! No one except for the hostess should know who is making your pincushion until you get it!  

Additional Details:

Anyone can drop out at any time prior to the assigning of swap partners.   Once partners have been assigned, you will be expected to complete your item as promised.  If you need to arrange for an item to be sent late or ask questions regarding your partners preferences, then it will be handled personally through the hostess to avoid spoiling the surprise.  Always feel free to email me with any questions or problems you may have.

Please let me know if you are willing to swap internationally or would be willing to take on new partners if someone should join up after assignments have been made.  

Web resources and ideas for this swap:

bulletMother's Pin Box From Hancock Fabrics (pattern)
bulletCup of Class Pincushion From Hancock Fabrics (pattern)
bulletGet Creative Dress Form Pin Cushion (pattern)
bulletGrandma's Chair (pattern)
bulletHelen Gibb's Lady Eleanor Half Doll Pin Cushion (instructions)
bulletHalf-Doll Pincushion by Helen Gibb for HGTV (instructions)
bulletHat Pincushion by Helen Gibb for HGTV (instructions)
bulletVictorian Artisan's Web Site (eye candy galore)
bulletDoll Hugs Swap (eye candy)
bulletMiniature Pincushion Dolls (how to)
bulletArtemis Inc (kits for sale *and* eye candy)
bulletShoe Pincushion (eye candy)
bulletBoot Pincushion (eye candy)
bulletHeirloom Half Doll Kits (eye candy)
bulletBrier Rose (eye candy)
bulletGolli's Half Dolls and Pincushions (eye candy)
bulletBayou Rose Pincushion Dolls (eye candy)
bulletTassel Doll (eye candy)

Commercially available print and other resources and ideas for this swap:

bulletCollectible Cushions available at most Fabric Shops - the forms could be purchased and embellished.
bulletGibb, Helen.  Heirloom Ribbon Work
bulletHill, Beth.  Heirloom Half Dolls.  
bulletHiney, Mary Jo.  Whimsies Pin Cushions.  
bulletPackham, Jo.  Making Fabulous Pincushions. 
bulletEmbroidery and Cross Stitch.  Express Publications.  Australia.
bulletVolume 6, Number 9.  "Mabel Gray Pincushion" (pp. 61)
bulletVolume 7, Number 6.  "Valentine Footstool" miniature heart-shaped footstool (pp. 18)
bulletInspirations.  Country Bumpkin Publications.  Australia.
bulletIssue 6 - Upper Crust  - Endearing pincushion reminiscent of a miniature footstool (iron-on transfer included)
bulletIssue 19 - Labour of Love - Elegantly embroidered silk shantung scissor holder & pincushion (Pattern included)

Thanks a bunch!

Lynne in Australia 

If your name does not appear on this list and you signed up for this swap, please contact Lynne!  Please note that all information will not be revealed until the swap items have been sent and the identity of the swapper has been unveiled.

Sending Swap Partner: Receiving Swap Partner: 
Will be posted as each swap item is done and the secret swapper has been revealed.
Thumbnail photo of completed project 
Lynne in AU (I) Rissa in MS

front_brown.JPG (10734 bytes)side_brown.JPG (13704 bytes)

Lynne in AU (I) Rita in AR

Rissa in MS (I) Jean in TX

pincushionfront.jpg (212519 bytes)pincushionback.jpg (124181 bytes)

Rissa in MS JoAnn in TX

Elizabeth in TX
Linda S in CA Elizabeth in TX

Sandra in CA Kylie in UK

LaJuana in TX (I) Lynne in AU

Shay in TX Mary in TX

Tracey in PA Lynn in AU

JoAnn in TX (I) Christina in WA

Jean in TX Kimber in NJ

Mary in TX Shay in TX

Kylie in AU
Christina in WA Sandra in CA

Christina1.jpg (43772 bytes)Christina2.jpg (36168 bytes)
Christina3.jpg (31398 bytes)Christina4.jpg (38882 bytes)

Rita in AR Tracey in PA

Picture Pending

Kimber in NJ Linda S

(I) - will swap internationally


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Last edited: 12/28/2003