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Joan's Embroidery Scissor Sheath Swap

Hosted by:

This is a finished item swap for a sheath to hold a pair of embroidery scissors.  This is sometimes also called a scissors case or a scissors scabbard. 


The finished sheath/case/scabbard should fit a standard pair of embroidery scissors.  You may want to check with your partner regarding size and brand to be sure of a good fit.


No restrictions.


Anything that you would like....embroidery, SRE, beading, Redwork, BDE, Blackwork, Shadow work, CQ or any type of embellishment.


Participants should contact their partner regarding theme, color and construction.  Since this is planned as part of a series of swaps, make sure that you ask your partner their preference, since the items will all be used together!  You might also want to know what size and type of scissors your swap partner uses before you make the scabbard.


It is not expected and not recommended that you supply a pair of scissors with your sheath/case/scabbard. 

Who can participate: 

This swap is open to all SRESafeHaven list members in good standing.  International swappers are VERY welcome here! Contact me by email to sign up or if you have further questions.  Let me know if you are willing to swap internationally, because International swappers are always WELCOMED!!!

How to join:

Simply send an email to Joan at the address above no later than July 14, 2002.  Make sure you let her know if you are willing to swap internationally and if you would like more than one partner.  Also, let Joan know if you are willing to substitute in case someone drops out.

Partner assignments:  

Partners will be randomly assigned on July 15, 2002. You will be contacted by email with the name and email address of your partner for this swap.  The names will also be listed here as a reference.  You will be expected to contact your partner regarding snail mail addresses and preferences.  

Deadline for completion:

The finished scissors sheath/case/scabbard should be in the mail by August 31, 2002.  

Drop-out Policy:

There is a "no questions asked" drop out policy.  Just let Joan know if you cannot complete the assignment once made.  

Incentives for timely completion:

Super Squishy provided by Shay Toner.

All participants who complete and mail their finished item on time will be eligible to win this random drawing.  

Web resources and ideas for this swap:

bulletApple Tree Scissors Case
bulletAthena's Thimble Blue Scissor Case
bulletAthena's Thimble Flowered Scissor Case
bulletAthena's Thimble Gold Scissor Case
bulletCaron-Net Scissor Case
bulletCascade Yarns Chatelaine
bulletCATS Class Hardanger Scissors Case
bulletCross Stitch and Beading Roses Scissor Case
bulletDebiLuvsSRE Scissor Fobs and Cases (click on the image on the left to see it enlarged in on the right)
bulletDelinda Amura Victorian Scissors Case
bulletEmbroiderer's Association of Canada Apple Scissors Case and Fob
bulletHancock Fabrics Cup of Class Pincushion (there is a pattern for a scissor case included)
bulletHeritage Shop Chatelaine
bulletJane Aurich Needlepoint Scissor Cases
bulletJane's Needlepint Needlecase
bulletKamay Krafts Scissor Pouch
bulletLinda Fontenot Designer Showcase 
bulletMari Akahori Needlecase and Scissor Case

Commercially available patterns on line:

There are several commercially available kits and patterns that would be perfect for this swap.  

bulletCharland Designs Holly Scissors Case
bulletCrazy Patches Scissors Sheath
bulletEm-Li's Remembrance Scissor Case and Pin Keeper
bulletEm-Li's Sunflower Serenade Scissors Case
bulletHeritage Shop Needlework Accessories
bulletNeedles!  Victorian Lace Scissor Case
bulletMary Jane Collection Hedgerow Scissor Case
bulletMary Jane Collection Nostalgia Scissors Case (way down on the page)
bulletNostalgic Needle Colonial Suite Scissor Case
bulletNostalgic Needle Elizabethan Glove Scissor Case
bulletNostalgic Needle Her Majesty's Glove Scissor Case
bulletNostalgic Needle Tudor Knot Scissor Sheath and Fob
bulletSandy Jenkins Scissor Cases
bulletSREDeluxe Chatelaine Pattern
bulletVictoria Sampler Lavender & Roses Needlework Collection
bulletVictoria Sampler Thoughts of You Scissors Case

Commercially available patterns in print:

There are several commercially available kits and patterns that would be perfect for this swap.  

bulletDriskell, Linda.  Victorian Elegance: Heirloom Pulled Thread Sewing Accessories.  Book 21.
bulletDriskell, Linda.  Victorian Floral Heart: Sewing Accessories and Alphabet.  Book 37.
bulletDriskell, Linda.  Victorian Hardanger Sewing Accessories: A Basic Hardanger Course.  Book 25.
bulletMontano, Judith Baker.  Art of Ribbon Embroidery.  
bulletEmbroidery and Cross Stitch.  Express Publications.  Australia.
bulletVolume 3, Number 3.  "Victorian Scissors Case and Pincushion"  SRE (pp. 22)
bulletVolume 3, Number 6.  "White Cats Needlework Set" Appliquéd needlebook, pincushion, scissors case with tassel. (pp. 78)
bulletVolume 5, Number 5.  "Silken Chatelaine" cover (pp. 40)
bulletVolume 6, Number 2.  "The Berry Harvest" Scissor case and needle keeper in SRE with beads.  (pp. 50)
bulletVolume 7, Issue 10.  Brazilian Embroidery Chatelaine. 


If your name does not appear here and you have signed up, or if it is here by mistake, please send me an email so that I can correct the list!

Sending Swap Partner: Receiving Swap Partner: Thumbnail of project:
Rissa of MS (I) Joan L in AU

Gerri in NC Martha in TN

JoAnn in TX Sue in IN

Pauline in ID LaJuana in TX

Photo Pending

Gladys in VA Jean in TX

Photo Pending

Elizabeth in TX Lita in CA

Martha in TN Gerri in NC

Lynne in AU (I) Linda C in MS

Joan L in AU (I) Rissa in MS

Lita in CA Elizabeth in TX

LaJuana in TX (I) Pauline in ID

Jean in TX Gladys in VA

Linda C in MS (I) Lynne in AU

Sue in IN JoAnn in TX

(I) - will exchange internationally


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Last edited: 12/28/2003