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CELESTIAL DREAMS The theme for this swap is anything celestial



The theme for this swap is anything celestial. The stars and moon are the limits! :)  Moon, stars, planets.....anything that reminds you of how beautiful the heavens are. 

Sign up by: 

January 19, 2002 

Baggies due to the hostess by: 

February 15th, 2002 

Baggies back in the mail to you by: 

February 20, 2002 


In light of recent discussions about how swaps are usually run, I thought we would try something a little different. Nothing radical but a change of pace. There will be two categories to this swap: 1) fabric only and 2) embellishments only. 

Category 1: Fabric Only 

The theme of this swap lends itself to (shall I dare say it?) cottons! :) I know many of you have been upset that cotton has not had more of a presence in other swaps. And while I am admittedly a fancy fabric kind of a gal, the best fabrics I have seen that fit this theme are cottons. So anything goes for fabric this time! If you find a fancy that fits the theme (even if its a coordinating solid) you may certainly send it in as well. Requirements for quantity are as follows: At least three different pieces, equal to a 14" block. I am going to remove the requirement of a 6x6 block but at the same time, please don't make it any smaller then 6x6. All I ask is that you use at least three different fabrics to ensure variety and that it equal the 14" block. 

Category 2: Embellishments Only 

I'm going to take some time to better define what type of embellishments are acceptable and what are not as there have been questions on this as well. 

  1. Fibers: Minimum one yard each, minimum two different types or colors. This is referring to all the beautiful threads available that help us to create our masterpieces. Please include quality fibers. By this, I mean that (for example) the six stranded DMC floss traditionally used for work such as cross stitch would not be acceptable. Not only is it very inexpensive and readily available to the majority of us, many feel that it lacks the extra punch that embroidery adds to a CQ block. Examples of quality threads are Caron collection, Vikki Clayton's gorgeous silk (NAYY, just LOVE her stuff!) and hundreds of other wonderful fibers out there. (Too many to list!) And please understand that Caron and Vikki are just examples, not the only ones that can be sent in. 
  2. Beads: 1 teaspoon seed beads, (beads other then seed) 5-6 small, 3-4 medium, 1-2 large. (sending any of these type of beads meets this category) You will have to use your judgment on what size the bead is. Again, please send quality beads. For example, a bag of bargain beads (you know the type, 500 to a bag for a buck fifty) would not be equivalent to lampwork and handmade beads. While there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with bargain beads (heck, I've bought plenty of them myself!), please use common sense when sending beads into a swap. If you have doubts as to whether or not they would be acceptable, take the advice my mom gave me, "When in doubt, don't!" Just think about whether you'd be happy to receive them. 
  3. Silk ribbon: minimum 2 yards, may be two colors but please don't send less then a yard in one color. It can be difficult to work with pieces shorter then that. I think this category is pretty self-explanatory. Bucilla is fairly easy to find for most people and if its not available in your area, there are many great places on the web to order from. Any width is acceptable. 
  4. Buttons: 5-6 small, 3-4 medium, 1-2 large. (any size meets this category requirement) Again, please be conscious of what you send. For example, DON'T send shirt buttons. Someone sending in mother-of-pearl buttons would not consider it a fair trade to get shirt buttons back in return. 
  5. Motifs: anything extra that fits the theme. I remember the first swap I was in and when I read this category, my first thought was "Huh???" By motif, I mean the little goodies we come across that brighten up a piece. For example, cigarette silks (authentic or reproduction), tatting, embroidery (such as a moon or sun in this case) and endless other possibilities. I think this is possibly the most fun category because this often produces the most unique items. Some motif ideas for the celestial theme could be a sun, moon, stars, and many others! :) 
  6. Trims: minimum 1/2 yard each, two different kinds This category is pretty general. It includes things such as lace and fancy ribbon. Please try to send at least half a yard of each. In the past, people have sent lengths as small as three inches and this can be difficult to work into a block.

I know that for those of us who have participated in swaps before, these things are already known. I explained it to help clarify what is expected. Especially for all the newbies out there who are coming out to play for the first time! :) I know the minimum amounts required are a bit more then past swaps but I am hoping that because this swap is being split into two categories, it will allow us to focus more on what we send. 

When you sign up, please send the following information: 1) your name and snail mail addy and 2) which category you are signing up for. There is also the option of participating in both categories if you would like to. 

Amount to send: You may send 3-10 baggies. You will get back the same number you send. The minimum will not change BUT depending on how many people sign up, the maximum may change. I am hoping that it won't need to be reduced but I will have to if there aren't at least ten participants in each category. I will let everyone know for sure what the maximum will be as soon as sign up is closed. 

Identifying your goodies: In each baggie that you send, please include a piece of paper with your name and email address on it so that the lucky recipient will know who to thank! :) And you many want to consider including a list of what's in your baggies. This is not required but I know I love it when I can identify the different kinds of fabric and what kinds of beads are in there. Its just a nice touch! :) 

Mailing in and return postage: When mailing in your packages, please make sure you do so with enough time for the package to get to me by the due date. If you are running behind and (for example) there are only four days left to the deadline, please send it Priority mail and not first class. First class can sometimes take up to a week or longer to get to where its going. Its not fair to make everyone wait. I know there are often circumstances out of our control and if something happens, PLEASE let me know. We all have lives outside of CQ (oh the horror! LOL!) so all I ask is that you just make sure to send me a little note. 

USA SWAPPERS: Please include a self-addressed envelope with enough postage on it to mail back to you. If you want to have your goodies mailed back you by Priority mail, I will add delivery confirmation at my own expense. If you send first class, I won't be able to do that. (PO says only Priority and parcel can have delivery confirmation.) How you mail to/send return postage is entirely your choice. Just keep in mind that the PO is still having some troubles. 

INTERNATIONAL SWAPPERS: Bribe me with an extra squishie and I will pay your return postage. 

Hostess gifts: There was a question as to whether these are required and if one is not sent, is it resented. The answers are no and no. :) While it is appreciated because swaps are a big time commitment, those who send in hostess gifts do not get preferential treatment over those who do. It will be a great swap either way! :) 

Sticking to the theme: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stick to the theme that is set up. While you may have something wonderful outside of the theme you'd like to share, people sign up for a themed swap expecting to get back items that fit that description. I'm not trying to be mean but if you send in baggies that don't fit the theme, I will return your baggies to you. An example of this would be something like this. This is a celestial swap and someone signs up for the fabric only option. But the fabric sent in is neon green and has shamrocks on it. This obviously does not fit the celestial theme and these would be sent back to their owner. Sorry, but its not fair to everyone else who sent in items that fit the theme. I'm sure you wouldn't want the shamrock fabric! :) 

The Golden Rule of Swapping: I know we have all heard this before but I just have to say it again: DON'T SEND IN ANYTHING YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO GET IN RETURN! Swaps are not an opportunity to unload all the things in your stash that you just don't like. Be considerate of your fellow swapper and I'm sure you will appreciate the same kindness in return. As always, please feel free to email me with any questions. My door is always open! :) Let's have a fantastic swap! :) 

Big hugs to everyone, Lynn :)

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