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Tracey's Patriotic Squishy Swap

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Hosted by: Tracey L. Almeida

This swap is open to all members in good standing of the SRESafeHaven and Crazyquilt mailing lists, who are willing to follow the rules as specified.  If you would like to join this swap, please email Tracey directly.


The theme for this swap is American Patriotic! The first anniversary of Sept 11th will be here soon. Many ladies are showing their patriotic spirit with commemorative memorial projects.  Show your American Pride and join us!

Sign-up deadline: 

July 12th, 2002 

Baggies due to the hostess by: 

July 26th, 2002 

Baggies back in the mail to you by: 

August 3rd, 2002 


The due date is NO LATER than July 26th, 2002. If not received by this date your baggies will be returned to sender in fairness to not hold up the other swap participants return squishys for late arrivals. I will swap all baggies and mail them by August 3rd, 2002.

You may send 3-10 baggies. The maximum amount of baggies may change depending on how many people sign up for this swap. If we get enough swappers to allow for more, I will notify all swappers. If you send more than the maximum permitted number of squishys, you will run the risk of getting your excess squishys returned to you unswapped. Please remember to clearly mark your name and email or snail addy on each of your baggies. A slip of paper listing the squishy contents for the benefit of the other swappers are also welcomed but not required. If sending small items like seed beads, please try to contain them securely in the squishy, a small plastic Ziploc works well for this.

Postage for USA Swappers:

This is very important! You must send enough postage for me to mail your baggies back! This is a must. If you not sure send extra stamps. If I don't use them they will be returned to you. DO NOT TAPE YOUR STAMPS! The PO will NOT except them. Do not send a dated metered postage stamp for your return postage, the post office will not accept these after the day they are dated. Also, please include .40 cents for delivery confirmation.  I cannot afford to replace items that are lost in the mail. You must send priority return postage in order to get delivery confirmation. If you don't send the correct amount for priority with delivery confirmation your baggies will be held until you send the money. Make sure you include a return envelope for your swap with your name and address written on it, my name and address marked in the senders area. The Post Office priority mail soft package envelopes are great for this use.

International Swappers: 

You may choose to send $8.00 in American moneys OR contact me directly for details of a squishy alternative.

Now for the good stuff! 

FANCY FABRIC - Send enough Fabric to equal a 12x12 inch block. DO NOT send any Fabric that is smaller that a 6x6 inch piece! You would send in a total of 4-6x6 inch pieces of Fabric. If you want to send extra that is fine, but do not send any less. You may send only 2 (two) pieces of FANCY (metallic accented) cotton. The rest of the squishy to be made up of your choice of Velvet, Silk, Taffeta, Satin, Brocade, Silk Dupioni, etc... Please remember that this is a Fancy Patriotic Swap. Color and prints choices should reflect the American Patriotic colors, reds, blues, beige or white. Metallic gold or silver fabrics (example Lame's) permitted but try choose something unusual so we don't all wind up sending the same thing. lol

Include at least 3 of the following:

bulletBUTTONS - NO PLASTIC OF ANY KIND. NO SHIRT BUTTONS OF ANY KIND. This is a Fancy Swap. There is lots of really nice Buttons out there this time of year. MOP, Metals, Wood, etc... 1 (one) Large, 2 (two) Medium, or 4 (four) small Buttons. Stick with the color and motif theme.
bulletTHREAD - 2 (two) different types of Fancy Thread only. NO DMC Floss is allowed! Send 2 (two) yards each of 2 (two) different threads. Please wrap your threads on a piece of index card or similar alternative and label them.
bulletRIBBON-Silk Ribbon - 2 (two) yards of 2 (two) different types of silk ribbon.
bulletBEADS - NO PLASTIC BEADS of any kind. You may send seed beads only if they are NOT plastic. You can purchase glass seed beads at a low price. If you choose seed beads make sure you send at the least 1 (one) teaspoon. 3 (three) - 4 (four) large or 5 (five) - 7 (seven) medium, or 10 (ten) - 12 (twelve) small beads.
bulletLACE - NO NYLON, STRETCH KNIT LACE! Send Fancy Lace only. You may send Fancy trims. 2 (two) different types of Lace/Trim. Must be 18 inches long per Lace/Trim.  (an exception to this length will be made for venice or similar very wide fancy laces, 9 inches length permitted in this case). Contact me if you are unsure which your lace would apply to.
bulletTatting - No restrictions. Tatting is always Fancy and very pretty.
bulletMotif - Follow the theme and you won't have any problems. "Cigarette silk" imitations welcomed.
bulletCHARMS- Any charms to fit the theme.

Just think American Patriotic and you'll be fine. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING YOU WOULD NOT WANT IN RETURN.

Please do not sign up for this swap if you don't feel like you can follow these guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines set here may result in your package of squishys being returned to you unswapped.

Any Questions? Please feel free to email me at:

Let the swapping begin and lets have some fun

2001 - 2003
Last edited: 12/28/2003