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Gwen's Hand Dyed Ribbon Swap

DUE DATE:– November 2, 2002

This swap is open to all members of the SRESafeHaven mailing list, who are willing to follow the rules as specified.  If you would like to join this swap, please email Gwen directly.

Swap Rules:

This Hand Dyed Ribbon Swap will consist of:

Each baggie will contain 3 one yard lengths of different colored hand dyed silk ribbon. (minimum of 5) Please put your name on the outside of each baggie either with a marker or a paper label. Each of your 5 minimum number of bags may be the same or they could be different. Its up to you! Inside the baggie please include a small slip of paper that tells what kind of dye you used and what color recipes you used to come up with the ribbons. (I.e. – I used black cherry Kool-Aid for the red ribbon, RibbonSmyth yellow dye for the yellow ribbon, etc.)

So – your minimum commitment for this swap is 15 yards of your own hand -dyed ribbon. Please no painted ribbons, just silk ribbons you have dyed yourself. A paint will just sit on the surface of the ribbon, but a dye actually penetrates the fiber and bonds with it. All dye used for this swap must be permanent and washable! The ribbon should remain soft and supple after the dying process.

Send at least 5 baggies (you will get back as many as you send)

If you choose to sign up for both widths (4mm and 7mm) you must send 5 of each size.

Of course you can choose to send more than 5 baggies – up to the total number of participants!! But 5 is the minimum!

When you sign up for this swap please choose:

bullet4mm Ribbon swap or
bullet7mm Ribbon swap or
bulletBOTH 4mm and 7mm Ribbon Swap!!

When you sign up, I would appreciate a private email to me at with your complete name and mailing address for my records and let me know which swaps you want to join and how many you plan to send!

Deadline for the baggies to be in my hands is November 2. (I will swap after I return from Houston Quilt Festival!)

I will send you my snail mail addy when you send me your sign up email!

When you mail your baggies to me please include a SASE to return your goodies in! Please use stamps on the envelope – A tyvek priority mailer (free at the post office) is the safest way to send your precious ribbons!! I always include inside of my mailings a sheet that has a “to and from” on it in case the Post office happens to rip my envelope open!! Overseas swappers – we will work something out!! I usually send the overseas envelopes by Global Priority which is now $8.00 US. IF you can get your hands on US money – that is great – otherwise we will work out a trade!!

Gwen Frazier

Note: Vickie Brown of RibbonSmyth has graciously offered a 10% discount to anyone participating in this swap.  Currently, everything on her site is on sale, to introduce the new web design layout, after September, there will be new instructions available to obtain the discount.

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